Message from the Secretary

K.C.S. Kasi Nadar College is a co-educational institution run by S. V. H. N. A. Dharma Fund. Affiliated to the University of Madras. Our college is true to its vision and mission, the college offers quality education and maintains consistently high academic standards in the effort to give all its students an equal opportunity for learning and development through holistic education which is strongly grounded in values. It is the special mission of the college to reach out to students from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society, and to prepare them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. In many ways the college provides a truly unique educational environment for the 1500 students who are currently enrolled here.

Since its inception, our college has constantly endeavoured to make its courses of study more relevant, innovative and student-centered. In addition to core and optional courses, all the academic programmes offered by the college include both interdisciplinary and skill based courses. At the graduate level the curriculum includes internships, projects and dissertation, thus enhancing the competence and employability of students.

The college offers students a wide range of opportunities to encourage and foster creativity and leadership skills through various extra and co-curricular programmes, ranging from games to community service and service-learning. Educational parameters are enhanced which help both faculty and students to expand their knowledge and skills through exposure to national and global perspectives.

At the same time, the college continually strives to increase sensitivity to social and environmental issues. The social awareness and outreach programmes which are an integral part of the curriculum are oriented towards serving the community in a variety of ways by brining education so that they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to become self-sufficient. By integrating such experiential learning into the academic programme, students develop a sense of social justice and responsibility and are encouraged to regard service to others as a way of life.