General Code of Conduct
  • The students of the College are to conduct themselves on and off the College premises in such a way as to maintain the good name of the College as well as their own.
  • Every student should be punctual. Late comers will be punished suitably.
  • No student shall wear costly jewellery to the College.
  • Every student is expected to give due respect to the faculty members and non-teaching staff within and outside the College premises.
  • On a member of the staff entering the class room, students should rise and remain standing till he/she takes the seat.
  • Students shall not leave their class room without permission or until the teacher instructs the class to disperse.
  • Students should not spoil the desks and chairs by way of scribbling with pens or sharp instruments. Students should not spoil the walls of the College
    by scribbling. The whole class will be held responsible for such actions.
  • (a) Out-door games equipment should not be damaged.
    (b) In-door games equipment should not be taken out of the games room and should not be damaged or lost. If damaged, the cost of the equipment
    will be collected from all the students.
  • Cell phones or any other electronic and electrical items including Cameras, Walkman are not allowed inside the campus. No telephone calls will be entertained by the College during the College hours.
  • Any lost property found must be handed over the Principal from whom the owner can reclaim it after establishing his/her ownership.
  • Students are advised to cultivate the habit of reading the notice posted on the College notice board. Ignorance of any notice thus posted on the
    college notice board. Ignorance of any notice thus posted will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  • Smoking in the precincts of the College, spitting, throwing waste paper or rubbish except in receptacles provided for the purpose are prohibited.
  • While moving from one classroom to another or while dispersing from a class, students should avoid making noise.
  • Loitering or collecting in groups anywhere within the College premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Participation in any agitation, strike or disorderly behaviour will entail removal from the rolls/register.
  • When students are free they are expected to go to the Library reading room and engage themselves in silent study or in other useful pursuits.
  • No student shall enter the College office unless expressly permitted.
  • Students are forbidden to organize any meeting in the College or collect money for any purpose without the permission from the Principal.
  • Under the Tamil Nadu Government Educational Rules, the Principal is empowered to impose fine, withhold Attendance Certificate, suspend and
    expel a student if considered necessary.
  • Ragging is punishable and it is strictly prohibited. Ragging complaint box is available inside the campus. If any student is found ragging, he will be suspended or summarily dismissed from the College. He will not be given certificate of good conduct.
  • The Tamil Nadu Government has passed a Legislation banning ragging in colleges. As per the act, any one who indulges or abets ragging is liable for imprisonment upto 2 years and a fine upto Rs.10,000/-.
  • A student is allowed to write the University Examinations.
    a) If his/her attendance is above 75% as prescribed by the University.
    b) If his/her overall academic performance is good.
    c) If he/she has attended the Terminal and Model Examinations.
    d) If his/her performance is above average in the Terminal and Model Examinations.