College Examinations

Centralised Examinations such as Terminal Examinations will be held in the course of the academic year. Students should take these examinations seriously and the performance in these examinations will be taken into account for granting certificate of attendance for the University Examinations.

Terminal Examinations are conducted in each semester and the results will be sent to the parents periodically. Parents are requested to note these results and follow up the academic performance of their wards.

The Progress Report gives an evaluation of the performance of the student in the Terminal Examinations and Model Examination. The Periodical Progress Reports and attendance of students will be reviewed by the Principal and Heads of Departments.

In addition to the Centralised Examinations in each semester, weekly tests may be held from time to time for all classes at the discretion of the Heads of Departments. Serious notice will be taken of the absence from these tests, and the progress of the student in these tests will also be taken into consideration for granting permission to appear for the University Examinations.