Rules of Attendance & Discipline

Students are expected to possess a minimum of 90% attendance for the theory classes & 100% attendance for the laboratory classes.

  • No student shall absent himself/herself from the College without permission. Application for leave must be made beforehand to the Head of the Department.
  • When the absence is due to unforeseen causes, an application for leave must be submitted as soon as possible and in no case, not later than the first day of his/her return to the college. In case of sickness exceeding three days, the Principal may insist the student to produce a medical certificate.
  • Application for leave should be counter-signed by the parent or guardian.
  • If a student absents himself/herself for five working days without permission for leave, his/her name may be removed from the rolls, unless he/she can show that his/her failure to obtain leave was unavoidable.
  • Attendance will be taken during every hour of work. Students coming late are liable to be fined.
  • An application for leave for the afternoon session must always be submitted in person before availing oneself of the leave. A student who absents himself/ herself from the class during any hour of the day without leave will be marked absent for half a day and is also liable to be fined.
  • A student who absents himself/herself without leave partially or completely during both the forenoon and the afternoon sessions on a day will be marked absent for the whole day and is also liable to be fined.
  • Condonation for deficiency of attendance will not be granted as a matter of routine. The payment of Scholarship amount is dependent on
    maintenance of 90% of attendance and no relaxation of this will be granted. Scholarships granted are liable to be withdrawn for lack of attendance.
  • Defaulters who lose the attendance for non-payment of fees will not regain the attendance once lost. Such students who are removed from the rolls
    will however be re-admitted on their paying the dues with fine, but will not regain their attendance lost in this regard.
  • If any student of the college participates in any activity (Co-curricular, Extra-curricular, Sport, YRC, RRC, NSS, Competition etc.) he/she must produce the necessary certificate of participation, duly authorised and authenticated within a week.
  • If any student secures less than 75% of attendance parents must give an undertaking letter for the same at the end of the month of July/ Aug./ Sept. in the odd semester and Dec. / Jan. / Feb. in the even semester.
  • The annual certificate of attendance and progress required for the University Examinations will in no case be granted unless.
    a. The Principal is satisfied that the student’s progress and conduct have been satisfactory and
    b. The student has attended not less than 75% of the number of working days in the academic year.